Chroma ATE Joins “Project Blue” to Strengthen Local Marine Litter Recycling and Global Sustainability

Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan enjoys abundant marine resources. However, in addition to reaping the benefits of the ocean, the pollution of the same ocean is also attributed to the people of the island. Chroma ATE has always put its best foot forward in environmental protection. On this year’s Earth Day (April 22nd), Chroma pledged to participate in Project Blue, a plan initiated by Business Today Magazine and aimed at cleaning up beaches. The marine plastic litter will be collected and even recycled into new slippers. Besides strengthening the circular economy, this project also helps restoring the big blue ocean to its natural clean state.

Chroma is a world-leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and turnkey solutions. Over the years, the manufacturer has encouraged sustainable design in every stage of product development. Although this may not be a direct contribution to ecological protection, Chroma’s test equipment indirectly assists the development of the green energy and clean technology industry. From solar photovoltaic test solutions, LEDs, smart grids, new energy batteries to electric vehicle test equipment, Chroma has always been a driving force behind the development of these clean technologies to ensure the performance and quality of green energy products.

William Chang, Special Assistant to the CEO at Chroma ATE, gave an example: “Chroma’s battery charge and discharge test systems are able to regenerate over 90% of their energy. Assuming that an electric vehicle has a battery life of 400 kilometers, during charge and discharge testing of its battery, the test system can recycle 54 kilowatt of energy. When converted into electricity of daily use, this amount can run 80 ovens simultaneously for one hour.”

Environmental sustainability requires long-term practice, especially on the grave issue of earth resource depletion. From stimulating green product design and implementing green procurement policies to prioritizing the use of eco-friendly products, constructing the headquarters following the Green Building principles, and implementing ESG strategies in day-to-day operations, Chroma goes the extra mile to sustain the green and blue of our planet.


▲Chroma ATE William Chang, Special Assistant to the CEO, shared environmental sustainability issues at the press conference


▲Slippers made from marine plastic litter
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